European users to get LG G2 wireless charging through separate case

European users to get LG G2 wireless charging through separate caseOne of the features we frankly couldn’t care less about on the otherwise-impressive LG G2 is wireless charging. US network Verizon has claimed dibs across the Atlantic, but users on this side of the pond won’t be left out.

See, LG G2 users o’er here will be able to pick up a special wireless charging case thingy. #goodtimes

That’s the story over on Pocket-lint, with an LG spokesperson confirming that the European LG G2 will not have wireless charging capabilities on the device itself.

However, via this LG G2 wireless charging case accessory, you’ll be able to charge your phone without plugging it in. Presumably that means sitting it on some sort of wireless charging pad, which of course has to be – that’s right – plugged in. Sigh.

Needless to say, no further details on the LG G2 wireless charging accessory in terms of price, availability, name…

As for the actual handset, the LG G2 will touch down in Korea first, followed by North America and Europe – at some as-yet-undisclosed date, and with an as-yet-unannounced price.

Having said that, Clove is willing to take a stab in the dark, telling customers it’ll set the LG G2 price at £468, with their proposed LG G2 release date falling - vaguely - in “late September”.

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