Everything’s ruined

Everything’s ruinedMobile news is all pretty much doom and gloom these days. Unless, of course, you’re Apple. The iPad 2 was generally quite well received, and security guys have commended iOS 4.3 for addressing several known issues. Oh, and speaking of iOS 4.3, it was released a few days early. All’s well in the Apple camp.

But spare a thought for, well, everyone else. While Apple continues to function as a well-oiled machine, it’s hard to imagine how Jim Android and John Microsoft get out of bed in the morning.

For Android, first came the warning about an increase in the number of dodgy apps hosted on third party sites. We were told to stick to the Android Market. Sound advice. Until it came to light that malware had been found in Android Market apps. Google hurriedly released a fix, but cheeky malware-producing devils developed a Trojan version. Oh dear.

Having said that, it’s hard to sympathise with users downloading “apps” like Hilton Sex Sound, and harder still when people figure a security fix is best obtained from a third party. To be fair, Google can’t really be blamed for people’s stupidity, and I doubt they’ve lost much sleep over it.

Let’s leave Android on a positive, shall we? Tesco revealed that Google’s OS has punched iOS in the face this year, finally surpassing it in terms of sales. Those figures obviously encompass a whole range of crappy budget handsets, but a sale’s a sale. It doesn’t make a whole heap of difference if people are buying an HTC Desire or a Turbo Plastic EX 6000 (erm, not a real phone). Well done, chaps.

Over in Microsoftland, Windows Phone 7 users aren’t exactly being rewarded for their blind optimism. Is it too much to ask for a phone with bloody copy-and-paste?

First it turned out the debut update was more of a pre-update, but even that didn’t go to plan, with stories of bricked Samsung Omnia 7s. Microsoft got its thinking cap on and re-released the pre-update, but nope; still not working for a number of users.

Microsoft is determind to avoid a repeat fiasco with the highly-anticipated (to put it mildly) MoDo update, so it’ll be the end of March before WP7 peeps can finally copy-and-paste.

On the plus side, Microsoft has seemingly fixed the Yahoo! Mail problem, and Mango is still on schedule for release later in the year. Maybe.

Christ, this is the most depressing thing I’ve ever written. Pink fluffy clouds, rainbows, sunshine, puppies…

Have a good weekend, all. Assuming you've made it out of bed.

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 12, 2011 at 13:09

As I said elsewhere: Google DID invent the "I'm feeling lucky" search button :p So, who can blame folks who are "feeling lucky" when they search for a fix ;)


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