Everything Everywhere's 4G network to launch under its own name?

Everything Everywhere's 4G network to launch under its own name?Ever since T-Mobile and Orange decided to join forces, we've heard rumours that the individual brands will eventually be replaced by a single entity – most likely bearing the name of the combined company itself, Everything Everywhere.

The move isn't all that popular, though, which is why it hasn't yet happened. But now there's another likelihood: that the new name will be given to the company's shiny new 4G network set to roll out later this year.

An Everything Everywhere spokesperson elaborated to TechRadar: “Everything Everywhere confirms that we are planning to launch a new brand in the UK later this year.

“This new brand will sit alongside our existing brands Orange and T-Mobile. We will reveal more information on our exciting plans in due course.”

With EE's newly green-lighted 4G network also set to emerge later this year, surely we don't need to wait for that information to do the basic math.

And it would make a lot of sense, too. Running what is increasingly a single network under two entirely different brands of roughly equal size isn't ideal, but consumers have proved highly resistant to replacing them under a single Everything Everywhere brand (I wonder how much the name itself has to do with it).

Introducing a completely new brand under a single name would solve that problem, and as the network's 4G infrastructure expands it would naturally start to eclipse the non-4G T-Mobile and Orange networks.

Everything Everywhere was first formed in mid-2010, and started testing consumer reaction to rebranded high street stores as long as 18 months ago.

However, the fact that a substantial consumer-facing rebranding effort still hasn't happened in any meaningful way says it all about just how well received the move was - despite claims late last year that test stores had been positively received.

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Pondlife  Aug. 22, 2012 at 11:42

Everything Everywhere is a crappy name, more suited for a Tesco rebrand than a network anyway.

matt101101 / MOD  Aug. 22, 2012 at 14:11

Crappy name, good network.


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