Evidence grows to suggest Android ICS will be Android 4.0

Evidence grows to suggest Android ICS will be Android 4.0Not earth-shattering news by any means but it's a detail that will matter to enough people all the same: Android Ice Cream Sandwich's version number within the slightly confused Android heirarchy.

There are enough theories doing the rounds, but new evidence seems to be pointing to ICS carrying the version number Android 4.0, which is the only approach that really makes sense anyway, really.

Each new version of Android may carry a new name in an unfolding alphabetical smorgasbord of desserty delights, but some have been incremental releases rather than complete new versions – after all, otherwise Android Honeycomb would be Android 8.0. Which it isn't.

Honeycomb's arrival (Android 3.0) exists alongside Android Gingerbread (2.3.X) with the OS splitting into smartphone and tablet versions, but ICS brings it all back together again, and even if there wasn't any other evidence that would be enough surely to hit the ground with a whole new version number – version 4.0.

But it seems there is other evidence. Droid-life is reporting that according to Android connection stats, phones self-identifying themselves as Android 4.0 devices starting popping up on log files in the last 10 days or so.

As we said, not earth-shattering, but welcome all the same as calling it Android 4.0 means you can avoid using one of the dafter names the tech industry has spewed our way in the past year (though still not as daft as Runnymede).

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Treab  Sep. 25, 2011 at 14:35

I wonder if ICS will be for premium level phones with gingerbread doing the rounds for the cheaper devices, due to this being designed for both tablets and phones. with tablets having better hardware than say the chacha type phones...


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