Evil Samsung fined for HTC-bashing

Evil Samsung fined for HTC-bashingApple fans are going to have a field day with this one: Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission has found Samsung guilty of orchestrating an internet campaign to praise its smartphones in comments and user reviews, and run down those of HTC.

The commission ruled that Samsung had violated fair trade rules by planting fake comments and ratings online, and fined the Korean giant NT$10m – or about £210,000.

This follows a NT$300,000 (£6,000) fine earlier this year for running ads that misled consumers about the camera capabilities of its Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102.

The difference between the two rulings – and possibly the reason why the fine is so much higher this time – is that this time Samsung didn't just look to spread positive propaganda about its own phones, it went out of its way to slam those of a rival – and in its home country too.

Now it would be naïve to say Samsung is the only company that indulges in such dodgy dealings- I'm certain it isn't. But what leaves a particularly bad taste in the mouth here is the wider context: things are tough enough as it is for HTC without the already dominant market leader loading the decks even further in its favour by playing dirty.

Not only that, but you just know the whole affair will simply stoke the delusions of that particularly narrow-minded breed of internet troll who genuinely seems to believe that anyone writing anything positive about Samsung must be getting paid to do so.

And that's just what we need.

Via Business Week

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 25, 2013 at 11:53

WE know Microsoft were caught paying off bloggers in the past - more than once.
The vehemence of some WP/Nokia fanbois online suggests there is some hanky panky going on also.

And as we speak, Android's Play Store is filling up with 1,000s of near identical 5 star ratings for BBM...

It's all part of marketing v2.0... What can you expect when overpaid CEOs perform
on stage during their product launches like Rihanna with a pot of vaseline on a slow news day? On Twitter it's getting harder and harder to distinguish 'beliebers' from Obama fans from Apple-haters etc etc.... Culture - it's not done anymore.


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