Exclusive Android games or apps

Having recently moved from an iPhone to an LG G2 (at least until the big iPhone 6 comes out), are there any exclusive Android games or apps you'd recommend?

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JanSt / MOD  May. 6, 2014 at 11:35

hundreds of thousands of apps... some are iOS exclusive, some are Android only. Often they eventually end up in the enemy's camp....
I think you get further with your enquiry if you narrow the field. What kind of apps?
What 'genre'?

Also: consider the differences!!!! Yes, Twitter e.g. have an iOS app and an Android and WP and BB app, but they are miles apart!!!! People used to Twitter on iOS usually scratch their heads when first using the Android version. It doesn;t take Apple-fanatism to call the Android Twitter app "a bit crap"... And lets not even get into BB10 territory. So: even if apps made by the same crew are available for both OSs, there's no guarantee they are of equal standard and quality.

Sometimes 3rd party alternatives are actually better than the original.

Also, and lastly: NOBODY here knows what the next big thing will be in a day or in an hour!
Remember the flappy bird madness!? Remember MySpace?


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