Exclusive free video streaming for Amazon tablets?

Exclusive free video streaming for Amazon tablets?We’ve yet to receive official confirmation of Amazon’s tablet plans, but it seems almost certain that some sort of iPad competitor – or two – is/are in the works.

The absence of any concrete evidence hasn’t stopped researchers at Detwiler Fenton from speculating about a spanking new service, exclusive to early adopters of the thus-far-unannounced tablets.

The research firm reckons owners will be treated to a movie streaming service, exclusive to Amazon’s own tablet(s). And the best part? It’ll be free.

It goes without saying that there’s also expected to be “deeper integration” (that’s possibly my favourite saying behind “third ecosystem”) with the recently-launched Cloud Locker music thingy and Amazon’s Appstore.

For now, the consensus is that we’ll see a lower-level “Coyote” and a quad-core “Hollywood”. Exciting stuff. It’s about time someone gave the iPad a kick in the nuts (purely in the interest of competition, of course).

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emmajk42 / MOD  Jun. 15, 2011 at 13:29

I wonder if the streaming will be in the UK too though...


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