Experiece of Prepaidzero?

I've got a 3G iPad that I occasionally need 3G connectivity. Probably once a month and download about 60MB. Most of the data SIMs that I've looked into have a monthly charge or expiry date. The only exception to this that I've found is the 5GB prepaid SIM from

According to the blurb, the 5GB has no expiry date and it must be connected to the network every 6 months for it to be active. They use the Vodafone network.

€46 (£37?) is a bit steep for a one off payment (including P&P), but considering most data sims start at £5, it'll take 8 months before it works out cheaper. According to my 60MB usage, this 5GB sim will last me nearly 7 years.

Vodafone have also pulled the plug out of Samba and Ovivo - they could do the same with this company.

Has anyone got experience of Prepaidzero, if so would they recommend them?

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