Is this the face of the iPhone 5?

Is this the face of the iPhone 5?With the iPad 2 nearly announced it'll soon be time to shift our focus to the next big Apple product on the horizon – namely the iPhone 5.

And bang on cue, what do we have here but a part claiming to be a panel for the next-gen iPhone, hinting at a larger screen and a thinner bezel. Real or fake? Read on...

The image appeared on iDealsChina, a Chinese reseller of Apple parts, and appears to be the digitiser panel for the iPhone's touchscreen. And while the design of the panel is consistent with the one found on the current iPhone, there are some key differences.

The cutout portion for the screen itself is proportionally larger than on the current model, which is in keeping with rumours that Apple is planning on bumping the iPhone 5's screen size to take on the brawny Android brigade and their massive screens.

However, the bezel around the screen portion of the iDealsChina digitiser panel is markedly thinner too, leaving the prospect of a larger-screened iPhone that isn't any bigger overall. This would also be in keeping with suggestions that the iPhone 5 will have a near-edge-to-edge display.

While that's all fair and good, it does leave the question as to why exactly a part for the next-generation iPhone is to be found out in the wild when the handset itself is still months away from appearing.

And the answer, according to some, is that the image is a fake. French site Nowhereelse has done a detailed analysis [translated] of the pic in question, and reports finding artifacts and incorrect lines of perspective on the image.

Real? Fake? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 28, 2011 at 13:08

Jaysis... It's like D-Day...Normandy or Helgoland??? Now I understand why the guy who forged the Hitler diaries went to prison. It hurts.


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