Facebook contemplating BlackBerry buyout?

Facebook contemplating BlackBerry buyout?The whole BlackBerry buyout thing is still very much up in the air, with the Canadians reportedly still entertaining bids from interested parties.

The latest such party, we’re told, is none other Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, with the Californians supposedly hosting a handful of BlackBerry bigwigs last week.

It’s The Wall Street Journal relaying this particular story, with credit going to – once again – “people familiar with the matter”, an old WSJ favourite.

Specifically, we’re told that BlackBerry flew out to Facebook HQ last week to “gauge its interest”, though it’s not clear what the outcome was.

A good portion of Facebook’s income is dependant upon ads shown on mobile phones, though the social network has had less success with the more direct approach (see the HTC First and Facebook Home).

However, rumours of a Facebook phone refuse to disappear, and picking up BlackBerry and its various patents would be a, uhm, starting point.

BlackBerry reached an agreement with Fairfax Holdings in September, though the Canadians have until Monday to “determine if there are alternatives superior to the proposal”.

It’s suggested that the BlackBerry carcass might be picked apart, though a single manufacturer like Lenovo could still snap up the whole thing.

Presumably things will become clearer next week. Exciting times, if not a little depressing.

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tapi  Nov. 1, 2013 at 15:36

hmm, faceberry has a ring to it :)

I imagine blackbook's been taken. (hmm, maybe they just want the playbook to slot in as a facebook tablet?)

anyway, as well as the networking patents and so on - blackberry also bought a few interesting companies that would fit well under the facebook umbrella
gist - contact management/social aggregation (http://blog.gist.com/tag/contact-management/)
The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) - Interface design(http://www.tat.se/)
and there were others I can't recall.


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