Facebook Messenger voice calling hits Android

Facebook Messenger voice calling hits AndroidA couple of days ago, Martin reported: Facebook launches free voice calling for UK iOS users, and ultimately mused: “There's no word yet on when more countries (or mobile platforms) will be supported.”

Fast-forward a tiny slither and Facebook Messenger’s VoIP service has reportedly landed with Google’s ubiquitous “Android” operating system.

As with its iOS equivalent, Facebook Messenger voice calling for Android avoids using valuable monthly minutes, instead consuming your data units.

Unless you’re on Wi-Fi, of course, in which case you’re living the "free" VoIP dream.

If you’re in a dirty (or otherwise) Facebook conversation and long to hear the other person’s voice, just tap the ‘i’ button in the top right. In the event that a contact doesn't have the Facebook Messenger app open, you can leave a voice message.

Other Facebook Messenger voice calling features include the ability to, er, end and mute the call, as well as muting the microphone.

In a bid to bring Android and iOS users together, Facebook Messenger’s voice calling is indeed cross-platform. Nice.

And that’s Facebook Messenger voice calling. Obviously it’s not quite on the same level as fully fleshed VoIP solutions such a Skype, but it does have all your Facebook peeps in one handy place.

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