Facebook music service (possibly) called Vibes

Facebook music service (possibly) called VibesI don’t have any problem admitting that I like graphs and pie charts and stats way more than any normal man should, so it goes without saying that I very much appreciate the name of Jeff Rose’s blog, Life is a Graph. Brilliant.

Speaking of names, Jeff has been tinkering with a Facebook jar file, and appears to have uncovered the title of Facebook’s music service. It’ll be called Vibes.

The jar file relates to the new Facebook video chat functionality, but Jeff stumbled across a few other interesting lines of code:

“if (paramString.equals("com.facebook.vibes")) {

return this.window.getMember("MusicDownloadDialog");


Jeff observes: “The vibes app connects with a music download dialog in the page, so I’m guessing that with this release we are seeing the seeds for Facebook’s upcoming music offering.”

Facebook is rumoured to have sealed a deal with Spotify for music action. So we’ve got Skype video chat, music stuff on the horizon, and of course Facebook’s app store. Zuckerberg’s plans for an all-encompassing behemoth (and subsequently world domination) are coming together nicely.

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tryptase  Jul. 17, 2011 at 14:24

Would be good on Smartphones.

Infinite Element  Aug. 5, 2011 at 10:10

Just waiting for the news headline "750 billion Facebook user's card details hacked", because they're inevitably going to be a target for hackers.


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