Facebook for Every Phone arrives offering free mobile data

Facebook for Every Phone arrives offering free mobile dataYou'd think Facebook would be content with its 900 gazillion members and its very own hardware button.

But no – Marky Z and his social networking posse want everyone on the planet to be using Facebook all the time, and to help him along he's come up with Facebook for Every Phone, a new mobile software client that's compatible with 2,500 different mobile phones.

Facebook is a long-established staple in the smartphone world, with the Facebook mobile app present on every platform worth its salt, and offering just about all the functionality of the full-fat Facebook website.

But those on feature phones haven't had it so good. The combination of more limited, and often older, mobile hardware and the tendency for feature phone contracts to be far more limited in terms of mobile data, has made feature phone-land far less fertile ground for FB.

Enter Facebook for Every Phone. First announced earlier in the year, not only does it dish up the kind of features and interface not seen before on more limited handsets, but Facebook has struck up deals with mobile networks worldwide to effectively remove it altogether from impacting on any data allocation you may – or may not – have.

That doesn't mean it's entirely free, though, or universally available. In the UK, it's being offered in collaboration with Three, and while it's free for 90 days, after that you'll have to cough up. That said, being Java-based, and a pretty light touch according to Facebook, you shouldn't suffer too badly after that.

The app offers all the key Facebook elements, including the News Feed, Inbox and Photos, while direct photo uploading is supported too.

You can grab Facebook for Every Phone directly from the social network itself on your phone, or from a selection of third-party app stores such as GetJar and Appia.

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