Facebook reportedly testing ‘call-blocking’ Phone app

Facebook reportedly testing ‘call-blocking’ Phone app

It looks like Facebook are gearing up to put yet another app on your smartphone in another move that will concern fans of data privacy. A tip-off sent in to Android Police revealed that the social network giant is testing out a new app titled ‘Phone.’ Invites to test it were apparently sent out by mistake to Android users, but that didn’t stop someone from screen-grabbing it and passing on the details of what it will do.

As the accompanying picture shows, “Phone is a new app that shows you info about who’s calling and automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers.”

That’s all the information we know for now, but the pros and cons we can attain from that sentence are fairly obvious. On one hand, being able to avoid dealing with cold callers of the recorded and call centre variety sounds great, but on the other hand there is the very real possibility of data on the user’s calls being used for marketing research, or some other nefarious deeds. With similar blacklisting apps already out there, it will be interesting to see how effective Facebook’s attempt will be, and if it will be worth the potential invasion of privacy.

via Android Police

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