Facebook to support Skype video chat

Facebook to support Skype video chatGoogle+ has been enjoying a fair bit of attention of late, and offers a handful of features not currently available in Facebook. One of the most notable is Hangouts, the video conferencing thingy.

But don’t shift your 200+ contacts to Google+ just yet. Facebook has teamed up with Skype and will soon offer video chat functionality of its own.

One of the key features Zuckerberg bigged up is the ability to download the plug-in when receiving a call for the first time. Let’s say I’m calling a mate who hasn’t used video chat within Facebook yet. A message pops up saying I’m trying to call, and offers a link to install the plug in; 10-20 seconds later we’re video chatting.

Zuckerberg notes: “That type of thing is only possible because the social infrastructure already exists. The system already knows that we’re connected. We already have a pipe open between us so new apps can flow across that.”

However, unlike Google+, only one-to-one video chat will be available at launch. MZ did promise new features in future.

We’re not massively impressed by Google+, but if it motivates Zuckerberg & Co to crank up the Facebook improvements, that can only be a good thing. Er, unless it becomes really convoluted and full of crap.

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justanother182  Jul. 7, 2011 at 16:21

I saw this in the newspaper yesterday (along with an interesting article about Virgin Media teaming up with Spotify to provide a (paid) 'jukebox' service to [Virgin's] TiVo customers via their TVs) and thought this is interesting stuff!

More companies should combine forces to offer the customer integrated/amalgamated services. 2 heads are better than 1 etc!!

It could of course, get out of hand with too many names in the mix like the OP suggests: "unless it becomes really convoluted and full of crap" :P


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