Facelifted Symbian OS seen running on a Nokia N8

Facelifted Symbian OS seen running on a Nokia N8It's been two weeks now since Nokia's landmark decision to shift its smartphone operations from Symbian and MeeGo to Microsoft's Windows Phone OS.

But as we heard yesterday, there's still plenty of support for Symbian within the organisation. And now it seems there's more than just support waiting in the wings – Nokia has revealed a glimpse of what seems to be an updated version of the much-maligned OS complete with a new homescreen.

At a recent event in China, an on-screen slide showed the new-look interface running on a Nokia N8 during an address by the company's head of smart devices, Jo Harlow.

Assuming it wasn't just a mockup or demo image, it looks like Symbian could be headed for a bit of an overhaul. It appears Nokia has taken steps to bring the platform more into line with its rivals by making more information available on the top level, rather than buried underneath multiple layers.

The revised homescreen groups key information together at the top of the screen in a dedicated status bar, which no doubt will be visible permanently, while a series of software buttons is visible along the bottom of the screen, also mirroring the likes of Android.

The key issue, of course, is just when this facelift will see the light of day. Nokia no doubt doesn't want to muddy the waters too much so soon after the Windows Phone announcement – and we've already had talk of the MeeGo-powered N950 to confuse the issue, let's not forget. But there's no question Symbian could do with a bit of good press, especially with the brand new Nokia E7 given Nokia's OS about-face.

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