How fast is tethering if you can get a 4G signal?

How fast is tethering in Mbps if you can get a 4G signal?

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spruceyb  Aug. 5, 2014 at 21:55

Depends on network and location.
On average though probs looking 15Mbps down and 10 up.

Although, here at my home on 3 I only get HSDPA but have 22Mbps down but the up is low at 3Mbps.

CTPAHHIK  Aug. 6, 2014 at 08:34

You don't need to have 4G for fast speed. It all depends with how many other users connection is being shared.
3G is split between different modes:
3G - 384 Kbps
H (HSPA) - 14Mbps
H+ (HSPA+) - 21 Mbps
DC (DCHSDPA) - 42 Mbps
4G/LTE (Level 1) - 50Mbps

Most phones will not display DC and would only show H+ or simply 3G. US phones will display 4G for DCHSDPA network.
As you can see different between DCHSDPA and LTE is quite minimal. LTE has higher upload speed, but I doubt that matters much for anyone.


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