Our favourite iPhone 5 rumours – part 2

Our favourite iPhone 5 rumours – part 2Next to nothing is known about the iPhone 5. Maybe it’ll have an 8MP camera and a dual-core A5 processor. Maybe. Speculation is the name of the proverbial game, and said speculation has yielded countless stories across the cyberweb.

I’ve had a trawl through our iPhone 5 news archive and picked out a few of the silliest stories. In Our favourite iPhone 5 rumours – part 1, I dissed the idea of a QWERTY-rocking iPhone 5, and recounted the story of the Phones4u sales assistant who apparently had world-exclusive knowledge of the iPhone 5’s release date.

Ready for more iPhone 5 rumour nonsense? Let’s rock.

3D iPhone 5

“Why would you want 3D on a phone?” is a question any sensible person should ask. It’s notorious for causing headaches (as was the case when I played with the LG Optimus 3D at Mobile World Congress), and makes phones heavier, thicker and more expensive. Not to mention the fact that it’s simply crap. Man, I hate 3D.

A recent survey conducted by PriceGrabber in the States asked consumers what they’d most like to see in the iPhone 5. Increased battery life came out on top. Well, you can kiss your battery life goodbye with 3D (or say hello to a bigger, heavier battery). Of course, there would inevitably be a slider on the side to switch to 2D, but surely that renders the 3D-ness pointless?

3D on smartphones is very much in its infancy. Of the big names, only LG and HTC have embraced autostereoscopic technology, with the Optimus 3D and Evo 3D respectively. Samsung might get in on the action before the year’s out, but it remains to be seen if the headache-causing dog has legs.

If 3D, against all logic, proves insanely popular with smartphone users (and in turn insanely lucrative for manufacturers), then sure – iPhone 3D. But not now. It’s too early.

iPhone nano

In that PriceGrabber survey I mentioned before, reduced cost was right behind improved battery life. The rumour mill has oft proposed a smaller, cheaper iPhone, probably called the iPhone nano.

However, it’s been pointed out that a smaller iPhone wouldn’t necessarily be cheaper to manufacture, and if anything consumers want a bigger screen, not smaller. Indeed, “larger screen” was fourth in the PriceGrabber survey.

Decreasing on-board storage is a more realistic way of saving money. It’s been suggested that Apple is contemplating an iPhone with vastly reduced flash memory; instead of storing your stuff on your iPhone, you’d store it in the iCloud.

There’s clearly some logic at work there, but we’re not entirely convinced. Apple would be shooting itself in the foot somewhat. The iPhone 4 leaps up by £102 if you go for 32GB flash memory instead of 16GB, for example. The iPad 2 models are priced £80 apart, and all you’re paying for is increased storage. There’s a lot of money at play there.

So, nope, we don’t expect to see a QWERTY iPhone 5, a 3D iPhone 5, or an iPhone nano. We reckon we’ll see an improved camera, dual-core processor, and maybe a bigger screen. Maybe.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S as it might be called) in September, so it won’t be long till we find out for sure.

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