Final Fantasy III comes to iOS, costs a fortune

Final Fantasy III comes to iOS, costs a fortuneSquare Enix has released Final Fantasy III on the App Store, priced at a whopping £9.49. That makes it one of the most expensive games available from the App Store today, but you get what you pay for, man.

Final Fantasy III was originally released for the NES in 1990. Sixteen years later it received a vibrant 3D makeover when it was remade for the Nintendo DS. The App Store version is essentially the same as the 2006 DS one, with a handful of exclusive content thrown in.

This version is not to be confused with the Final Fantasy III released for the Super Nintendo in North America. That was, in fact, Final Fantasy VI, but was only the third FF title to be released outside of Japan at the time.

I should probably mention that Final Fantasy III is only £15.39 over on Amazon at the moment. Probably worth forking out the extra few quid to play it on the Nintendo DS. Unless, of course, you don’t have a DS, in which case I heartily recommend checking out the App Store version. Yup.

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