Where's the Fire, Motorola? Er, right here, actually

Where's the Fire, Motorola? Er, right here, actuallyRumours are starting to circulate that we won't be seeing the Motorola Milestone 3 here in the UK at all, but never mind – you can have the Fire instead.

It's not quite as exciting a concept, sadly, and actually it's just the latest version of the Spice, the QWERTY-based handset that's been knocking about since late last year.

In graduating from Spice to Fire, Motorola has backtracked on the slider QWERTY form factor and instead gone for a fixed arrangement, with the 2.8in screen coming in 0.2in lighter than before as a result.

At present, the Fire comes with Froyo on board, though it'll be running on Gingerbread juice when it touches down later in the summer, while the screen resolution is QVGA, the camera weighs in at 3MP and you get the usual low-hanging connectivity fruit we're used to seeing these days like Wi-Fi, GPS and the like.

Not quite a Milestone 3, then, and it's no surprise that Moto has christened this one with the dreaded “social media” tag – which seems to mean nothing more these days than a physical keyboard and a screen.

Still, Motorola will nonetheless have the likes of the HTC ChaCha in its sights when the Fire touches down. It simply remains to be seen how the two will compare on price – and how important that physical Facebook button on the ChaCha really is.

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