Firmware Woes...Get the Nokia firmware you deserve

These days firmware and OS updates are mainstream media news-worthy. Yet, often you read about a new feature or bug-fix for your Nokia handset just to find out that the firmware isn't yet available for your model. Usually, the updates are phased in - market to market, country to country. Does that mean that if you're patient the better software will eventually reach you. Yes and no: especially if your handset is branded by your network provider (that o2 start-up animation, the Vodafone shortcut in your menu etc), you may have to wait a long time for your update.
Solution? Buy a newer model. OR: change your Nokia's product code and fool the software updater into thinking your phone is not the Vodafone variety, or that Saudi import....
It is easier than you may think, though: CAUTION - this will most likely void your WARRANTY, and, as always: back up your important files before you start the procedure.
1) you might want to know what firmware versions are out there. For Nokias the following site is useful (though google will show you others too): http://hunajatehdas.net/nokia/firmware/en/

2) Check out the Nemesis Services Suite (it is free software) http://www.b-phreaks.co.uk/index.php?main_page=page_2
(don't worry, many of the NSS features do not concern you - they are for professional unlockers and 'fixers', using special hardware.

3) head over to ==>> http://martik-scorp.blogspot.com/2010/04/nemesis-service-suite-nss-tutorial.html for a straightforward tutorial in the use of the Nemesis Services suite

4) free your phone from the shackles of an old firmware.

N.B. the suite will only enable you to change the product code and thus update to the firmware of your choice. IT DOES NOT UNLOCK YOUR NOKIA!

Enjoy :)

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