Fix coming for Nokia Lumia 920 front camera and proximity sensor dust issue

Fix coming for Nokia Lumia 920 front camera and proximity sensor dust issueIt’s probably fair to say that Nokia Lumia 920 users firmly believe they’re rocking the best phone available (er, not sure what I’m basing that on, actually), but there’s been a growing number of dust-related complaints.

Specifically, dust has been getting into the Nokia Lumia 920’s front-facing camera and – even more irksome – the proximity sensor, but a fix is on the way.

That’s the story according to WMPoweruser and a reader called Marco, who presumably had a good old moan to Nokia about the Lumia 920 dust issue.

See, with dust bothering the Nokia Lumia 920’s proximity sensor, the phone was unsure when the user’s chubby cheek was nestled close to the display, causing issues while on calls and stuff. And no one likes a dusty camera.

We’re told that Nokia “acknowledges” the issue, and that future Lumia 920 units will have a “sheath placed around the front facing camera and proximity sensor to better insulate them from dust build-up.”

Better still, existing Nokia Lumia 920 users will be able to take advantage of the sheath by popping along to a Nokia Repair Centre. Good times.

Similarly, you can also grab free latex sheaths from your local health centre. Be safe out there, kids.

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Rooney212  Apr. 19, 2013 at 12:45

Hi there, is that an official statement? I have some problems with my device too and i would like to know where should I contact.


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