Flick Golf Extreme Android review

Flick Golf Extreme Android review“Extreme” is a word used somewhat arbitrarily in gaming titles, when there is, in fact, often very little evidence of extreme content whatsoever.

How extreme is Flick Golf Extreme? Well, the first “course” (if you can call it that) sees you launching golf balls at an aircraft carrier from a moving helicopter. Extreme enough for you?

Flick Golf Extreme rubbed me up in all the right ways, kicking off with a brief tutorial. Always a good thing. Essentially, you strike the ball with a swipe of the screen, and then swipe like a maniac – till the third bounce – to guide your ball to the hole. Simple, and lots of fun.

There are six courses in Flick Golf Extreme, including the aforementioned aircraft carrier, the fictional San Vasco Bridge in Italy, and an oilrig. Who wouldn’t want to play golf on an oilrig?

As for game modes, Flick Golf Extreme offers three, but – stripping away the window dressing – they’re all much of a muchness. Don't get me wrong though, they're all fun in their own way.

Quickshot is a timed game, with a target score to achieve before you advance to the next level. As the mode goes on, it’s vital that you hit those hole-in-ones for 1,000 points and 10 bonus seconds.

In World Tour, Flick Golf Extreme offers three trophies per stage: bronze, silver and gold. Grab the silver and you’re onto the next level, but you need four golds to unlock the final two stages.

Sticking with World Tour, you have nine shots, and after each set of three the tee is moved back and the wind kicks up. Y’know, just to keep things interesting.

And finally, 5 Ball Challenge gives you – you guessed it – five balls with which to reach a target score.

While all you really do in Flick Golf Extreme is, well, flick the screen, it’s oodles of fun and will keep you going for hours and hours.

Have I mentioned how good Flick Golf Extreme looks? At the beginning of each stage, the camera sweeps around, and the 3D environments are hugely impressive. Easily one of the best-looking Android games I’ve seen to date.

There’s also a suitably rockin’ soundtrack. After all, this is extreme, man.


  • Three game modes
  • Six awesome-looking 3D stages
  • Solid physics for the in-air spin control


  • Not that I can think of, really

Summary: Flick Golf Extreme is easy to pick up, and offers hours of gameplay that can be enjoyed in short bursts or lengthy sessions alike.

Developer: Full Fat

Requires: Android 2.1 (Eclair) or above.

Price: £1.49 @ Android Market

Flick Golf Extreme Android review

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Pondlife  Mar. 20, 2012 at 22:34

Found the game a bit rubbish really. Definitely pretty though I'll give it that.


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