Flight Control iPhone review

Flight Control iPhone reviewFear of flying is completely rational. Screaming through the air in a giant metal tube makes no sense whatsoever. Best not to think about it. Even more terrifying is the concept of air traffic control, a notoriously stressful occupation in which one spends all day juggling aircraft and trying to avoid mid-air collisions. And that’s exactly what you do in Flight Control, ‘cept it’s actually loads of fun. Probably because there aren’t hundreds of lives at stake.

In Flight Control, the aim is to guide a variety of planes and choppers to designated landing areas. There are different runways for different sized craft, and helipads for copters. You simply tap the vessel then draw a flight path to the runway. The game ends when two vessels collide. And, erm, that’s it.

Flight Control is renowned for being massively addictive. The appeal is in its simplicity; it’s easy to pick up, and works well in short bursts. Having said that, you’ll inevitably find yourself putting in longer sessions in an attempt to break your high score.

In terms of presentation, it’s very basic, but effective enough. Flight Control adopts a 50s style, both visually and aurally. If the retro soundtrack doesn’t appeal, there’s the option to play the game with music from your own library.

The controls are well implemented. True, you’ll spend the majority of your time drawing simple lines from craft to landing zones, but Flight Control is quite forgiving; you’ll never find yourself missing the runway by millimetres, for example. You can also abort an aircraft’s flight path with a quick tap. Both plans and copters can pull a last-minute 180, which leads to some incredibly exciting near misses.

Incidentally, shouldn’t it be a near hit? A near miss surely implies a collision. Hmm.

Flight Control is two years old, but in that time Firemint has released a number of updates. The game initially had just one airfield, but now boasts five. Each airfield also has its own online leaderboard.

Oh, and you can play multiplayer over Wi-Fi, or locally via Bluetooth. Air traffic control duties are shared, and strategising is made possible with the inclusion of voice support. Neat.


  • Easy to learn
  • Game updates from Firemint
  • Fun multiplayer


  • Graphically very basic
  • Only one tune
  • Addictive!

Summary: Flight Control was initially a very basic package, but Firemint has thrown in a few extras over the years to keep players busy. Good simple fun.

Developer: Firemint

Compatible: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 2.0 or later.

Price: 59p @ App Store

Flight Control iPhone review

Flight Control iPhone review

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mister oddball  Feb. 12, 2011 at 23:17

this game is my absolute favourite on th ipod touch. it is so simple yet so addictive. there is a free version available now too!


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