Forrester: tablets are the best

Forrester: tablets are the bestThe analysts at Forrester recently issued a spanking new report called “Tablets Will Rule the Future Personal Computing Landscape”. Pretty much speaks for itself, eh?

In an accompanying blog post, Forrester’s Frank Gillet (he has a good beard) explains “Why Tablets Will Become Our Primary Computing Device”.

Let’s kick off with some stats. Frank & Co reckon a whopping 375 million tablets will be sold in 2016, with one-third going to businesses and two-thirds to emerging markets. Uhm, what about the rest of us?!

That figure is almost seven times the 56 million forecast by Forrester in 2011, and would bring the total global tablet user base to a predicted 760 million. That’s a lot of tablets, man.

But why are tablets so freakin’ good, Frank? “Tablets aren’t the most powerful computing gadgets. But they are the most convenient.

“They’re bigger than the tiny screen of a smartphone, even the big ones sporting nearly 5-inch screens.

“They have longer battery life and always-on capabilities better than any PC — and will continue to be better at that than any ultrathin/book/Air laptop. That makes them very handy for carrying around and using frequently, casually, and intermittently even where there isn’t a flat surface or a chair on which to use a laptop.”

And that’s just for starters! Head over to Frank’s blog post for the full story.

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