Foxconn building new $210m plant to cope with Apple orders

Foxconn building new 0m plant to cope with Apple ordersWe all know being an Apple supplier is big business these days, which is why whenever someone mentions Foxconn the mind immediately thinks Apple. Well, there's another reason too but we won't get into that.

Either way, with the questions over working conditions seemingly addressed, Foxconn is looking to a bright and lucrative future making stuff for its Cupertino sugar daddy, to the extent that it's planning to drop an eyebrow-raising $210 million on a new iPhone production line.

China Daily reckons the new plant, to be located in Huai'an city (no, we don't know either) will occupy a total of around 40,000sqm, and will accommodate 35,800 new workers.

That's not in the same league as the famous (or infamous) Shenzhen plant, which with 200,000 employees is practically a city in its own right – but it's still a pretty significant increase and says loud and clear that business is good.

The new facility should be responsible for an annual turnover of around $1bn, with construction set to begin in October. China Daily also mentions that work will commence on a further new Foxconn plant on the southern Chinese island of Hainan next April.

In both cases, there's no word yet on which products will actually be manufactured at the new sites.

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