Fragger iOS review

Fragger iOS reviewAnd so to Fragger, a Miniclip Games effort currently riding high in the App Store’s Free Games section, and promising “cartoon or fantasy violence”. Always good.

Look up “value for money” in the smartphone gaming dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of Fragger. Well, it’s free, as I said, but there’s a ridiculous amount of gaming on offer.

Gameplay wise, Fragger isn’t massively original. You control a little grenadier who stands in a fixed position, and the aim is simply to “explode all enemies”.

Much like Angry Birds and the millions of near identical games that followed, you set the power and angle of your shot, and the fewer projectiles used, the better – with three stars up for grabs. Nothing new there, eh?

There’s not a great deal else to Fragger. You can blast your way through concrete but not wood, and there are crates with little arrows that fly off in a particular direction when disturbed.

Fragger iOS review

Why, then, is Fragger so enjoyable? Well, it’s probably something to do with the 340 levels playing out over 11 different worlds. Some are available from the start, while others must be unlocked. Lazy types can pay £6.99 up front to open up the entire game.

Better still, some of the worlds give the game a massive facelift. Stick Man world, for example, adopts the familiar hand-drawn graph paper look, but my personal favourite is Treasure Bay, with our grenadier donning a Jack Sparrow-esque outfit and swaying drunkenly.

Gripes? Well, the Fragger menu system sucks. Each world is afforded the entire screen, as is each of the 340 levels. And there’s no easy way to tell which worlds you’ve attacked or how many of the 1,020 stars you’ve collected. Back to UI school, guys.

Otherwise, Fragger is bizarrely enjoyable. Effective in tiny bites or man-sized portions, too.


  • 11 worlds
  • 340 levels
  • It’s free


  • The menu system
  • Minimal music
  • Not hugely original

Summary: Fragger is an oddly enjoyable “physics-based” exploder, with plenty of bang for your 0p.

Developer: Miniclip Games

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Price: free @ App Store

Fragger iOS review

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