Is there any "fragmentation" on the App Store?

Is there any "fragmentation" on the App Store, with devices running different versions of iOS, and devices having different specs and screen sizes?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 18, 2014 at 21:35

Yes, there is something like fragmentation in the iOS appstore. Though: it is not as bad as
what you may know from the Android Play Store.

But a few apps are iPhone 6/6 Plus only. A few are iOS-only. A few require at least a 4S or 5...
And some are iPad/iPhone 6 and up only....

But: frankly, it's not bad, really.
Obviously, with Android app developers have a lot more on their plates - close to 20,000 devices, with countless combinations of processors, screen size and resolution, OS versions,
proprietary UIs slapped on by OEMs... They can only deal with so many variants...

With iOS you should not encounter that many exceptions as long as you run an iPhone 5 or newer and/or an iPad 2 or newer. The problem is that iPhone 4S and older really do not cope well with iOS 8.x.x - any apps that require iOS 8 can be dodgy, I suppose.


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