Free 4G for Tesco Mobile PAYG customers

Free 4G for Tesco Mobile PAYG customersEveryone loves a freebie, and MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) Tesco Mobile, which uses the O2 network, has a beauty to see out the week.

Its PAYG customers – old and new – with 4G-ready handsets can now receive 4G speeds at no additional cost.

The move follows the rollout of free 4G to Tesco Mobile’s pay monthly subscribers, meaning the network’s entire customer base can now take advantage of faster speeds without paying a penny.’s mobile guy, Robb Kerr, is dead chuffed, and reckons Tesco Mobile has set the bar for rival MVNOs.

"Tesco's new free 4G pay as you go offering now gives it the edge on the competition of the other MVNOs, Giffgaff and Virgin Mobile,” says Robb. “Crucially for mobile users, it makes 4G well and truly affordable, even for those not on contracts.

"No premium for 4G has to be the way forward, even more so as we slowly approach the two-year anniversary of its arrival in the UK. Bigger inroads of affordability need to be made."

Similarly, Three Mobile doesn’t charge extra for 4G. Lovely.

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