Free BlackBerry PlayBooks for enterprise peeps

Free BlackBerry PlayBooks for enterprise peepsThe price of the ailing BlackBerry PlayBook has dropped pretty much universally, including over here on Amazon UK, and perhaps most notably in Canada – where you can currently grab one for the equivalent of £125. Bloomin’ ‘eck.

Now, crazier still, RIM is actually giving the bloody things away for free.

Enterprise dudes who invest in BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 before the end of the year will receive a shiny new 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for nowt. Jack ship. Gratis.

In a neat twist, RIM is retroactively applying the deal to customers who purchased the BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 package from October 12 onwards. We like that.

RIM has traditionally been thought of as a darling of the business world, largely thanks to its security goodness and sexy email antics, though the BlackBerry PlayBook still doesn’t have a native email client. Eek.

Of course, you can bridge it up with a BlackBerry smartphone, but we recently heard that more business peeps are rocking iPhones. Oh dear.

I wonder what it’d be like to write a positive story about RIM. I can always dream…

via: RIM

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