Free HTC Desire Z on O2, 100 mins, unlimited texts, £21PM @ dialaphone

Free HTC Desire Z on O2, 100 mins, unlimited texts, £21PM @ dialaphone[I don’t need no stinkin’ data @ dialaphone]

This is quite possibly the strangest deal we’ve looked at yet. Dialaphone currently has the HTC Desire Z for free on O2, at £20.42 per month. Included in the tariff is 100 minutes and unlimited texts, but strangely - no data. None. However, at £368 over 18 months, it works out cheaper than buying the HTC Desire Z SIM free.

Data is chargeable, but you can still connect to the internet for free with Wi-Fi.

It’s possible to gift the tariff to a relative who only uses calls and texts, and ask O2 to unlock the HTC Desire Z. You can return the phone within seven days if you have any problems.

Delivery is free within the UK.

(Thanks to aerotec on HUKD)

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MR1123  Jan. 27, 2011 at 20:32

Cant believe this, you guys get the job of doing this? no offence but i could easily do a better job and website sucks so far its okay but thats all :D


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