5 Free (Semi) Useful Android Apps

5 Free (Semi) Useful Android Apps

2011 is heralded to be the year Android finally catches up with the superior apple app store. With this in mind - here are five free android apps, that will hopefully instil a slight amount of fear into any apple user.

1) Runstar

So it's the new year, you've spent the last  few weeks eating adburys selection boxes, a kilogram of turkey and the only exercise you've done is reaching for the TV remote. Maybe it's time to take a little run! Runstar uses your android phones GPS to map out any run you take. It shows your time and average speed, plays your own music library in the background so you've got something to listen to as well as setting you personal goals. A new update is supposed to be out within the next week adding many additional features! So c'mon you lazy beggar, go take a run!

2) What The Doodle

This is literally the most addictive game I have ever played (bar angry birds of course, which is also free on the droid marketplace). You connect to the internet and play versus five other people in a Pictionary style game, but the pictures are doodled on android touch screens. It's really fun (although some players do seem to have a certain penchant for drawing downstairs parts). There is a paid option, but the freebie one works just as well.

3) Google Goggles

This app is also available for iPhone users. Google Goggles can recognise landmarks, logos and even translate foreign text into English. In my tests, it managed to understand a packet of Maltesers, some Nivea deodorant, and my local newspaper. Snazzy.

4) Talk To Me

This is AMAZING. Basically a free speech to speech translator consisting of more than twenty languages. On the most part it works pretty well, and if you're one of those people with a thick Scottish accent - don't fret, because there's also a text input so you can write it down. Half of my family is from Serbia, so this will get some proper use this new year. Finally I can say something to my Nan other than hello and  how are you.

5) Google Star Map

One for any Patrick Moore wannabes (let's face it, any man with a Monocle that size and those xylophone skills is definitely a babe magnet), Google star maps uses your android phone to show you exactly what star is what, by simply pointing your phone skywards. It's a really neat little app that probably won't get much use unless you're a keen outdoorsman, but I certainly enjoyed it.

So do you agree with my list? If not, what are your top five android apps - and why?
Leave your comments below.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 11, 2011 at 19:02

I haven't used the first 2 apps in your list, but Talk 2 Me is pretty cool.Google Star is nice, too, but for me a bit gimmicky to warrant the pretty hefty load on my phone.
I currently fancy the Pulse News reader ( http://www.alphonsolabs.com/products ) - it's very stylish, updates quickly and looks great on the Desire HD's 4.3'' screen :D
Also, just discovered tTorrent Lite in the Market. It's quite useful - Irish IPs block all torrent sites - even perfectly legal ubuntu updates and such. Somehow tTorrent works its way around that ;) (never break the law)

justlooking1  Jun. 3, 2011 at 18:45

Is this site a mobile news site or an Apple love-in festival? It seems that you can rarely mention android without some sort of negative spin or jibe. Why are you showing us "semi" useful android apps when there are loads of seriously useful ones. Please show a bit more objectivity and you will have a better chance of being taken seriously.

JanSt / MOD  Jun. 4, 2011 at 11:32

so instead of an 'apple-love-in' you want an Android love-in? If not, you must have missed the many jibes at Apple.
You must also have missed the many articles here and elsewhere that deal with the problems of the Android Market - the fact that it suffers from quantity over quality?! Only yesterday Motorola (no Apple lovers, surely?) blamed poor apps testing for problems with Android phones.
Even dedicated Android sites are openly talking about the fact that there is too much rubbish in the Android Market.
Without criticism, how are we going to see improvements?

Furthermore, how on earth is it anti-Android when mobot gives 'semi-useful' Android apps a full article? Semi useful does not mean 'rubbish', it means they are slightly 'niche'/odd/not-for-everyone-or-everyday...

And before you type away: yes, I do not think Android is the second coming, nor do I fancy the iPhone all that much. Your reducing the purpose of a mobile site to a sort of Apple vs Android peace mission, you exclude a lot of interested visitors who like neither of the two.
Look around, and you'll find pro and con pieces about every OS and every make. I'm not judging Android based on these 5 semi useful apps, and I wouldn't necessarily judge a website based on one or two articles.


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