Fresh glitches hit Windows Phone 7

Fresh glitches hit Windows Phone 7We've just heard that the first Windows Phone 7 update is once more making its way over the air to WinPho handsets, but with one crises barely averted another is emerging to plunge Microsoft's mobile platform into fresh controversy.

New reports are emerging of pinned contact Tiles on the homescreens of WP7 handsets mysteriously disappearing, while linked contacts pieced together from a number of sites are refusing to stay connected.

It's not been the best time of it for Windows Phone 7. Despite the big Nokia hook-up we've got no new hardware to talk about, that promised WP7 update has given all sorts of issues, while we've only just moved on from that data-gobbling issue that may – or may not – have been something to do with Yahoo.

Now comes this latest curveball – as documented by Windows Phone Secrets. The site raised too related issues it had picked up from its readers – both relating to the OS' use, or misuse more appropriately, of contacts.

The first issue sees contacts that have been pinned to the homescreen as Tiles (effectively shortcuts) mysteriously going missing for no obvious reason, and without notice. The contacts themselves haven't vanished, just the links.

In addition, users reported glitches in WinPho's heralded contact card system, where contacts present in both Gmail and Facebook, say, would be linked together in a single contact.

Microsoft has found time in its busy fire-fighting schedule to respond, though it doesn't veer much from the standard PR fluff: “We apologise for any inconvenience and we’re working quickly to resolve the issue to ensure it will affect as few people as possible.

“Also, be reassured that none of your contacts have been deleted from your phone. You should be able to find them in the People Hub, if you want to pin or link them again.”

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