Fresh iPad 3 details leak: quad-core A6 chip and LTE?

Fresh iPad 3 details leak: quad-core A6 chip and LTE?Considering it's currently silly season on iPad rumours, we're surprised at just how few juicy Apple tablet claims are zinging around the web right now.

But we'll take what we can get, and right now that constitutes fresh claims that the third-generation tablet will come packing a quad-core A6 processor and LTE networking goodness.

Neither claim is exactly new, and in truth the iPad's market dominance is going to erode pretty quickly if Apple doesn't counter the performance bump being promised by the wave of quad-core Android slates we're expecting in 2012.

The rumours reach us via BGR, and are supposedly from a source who's managed to get their hands on a prototype iPad 3 and extract some screenshots showing the spec details.

Sadly those are the only details to have emerged, and we're no closer to knowing crucial info such as physical dimensions and display resolution – the source either doesn't know, or is holding back on a few details for the time being.

Apple has yet to give any indication as to when its third tablet release will be announced, but we wouldn't be at all surprised to see it happen around the end of the month. That would be consistent with previous iPad launches, but more importantly would steal the spotlight away from a little event called Mobile World Congress that's taking place round about then.

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