Fruit Slice Android review

Fruit Slice Android reviewLet’s address the giant elephant in the room right off the proverbial bat. Fruit Slice is essentially a free version of the ridiculously popular Fruit Ninja, and filled the void on the Android Market before the latter made the jump from iOS. It’s audaciously similar.

In fact, Fruit Ninja is now available for free too, rendering Fruit Slice somewhat redundant. However, Fruit Slice is what it is, and I’ll now attempt to review it on its own merits rather than continually referring to Halfbrick’s original effort. Maybe.

In Fruit Slice, a series of fruit is tossed into the air, and you have to slice said fruit with a swipe of the touchscreen before it falls off the bottom of the screen. You can see why it’s called Fruit Slice.

There are four game modes. Check ‘em:


Fairly standard fruit slicing stuff. You’re allowed to miss three pieces of fruit before it’s Game Over, and bombs should be avoided at all costs.


Time is – you guessed it – a timed mode, wherein you have 1 minute 40 seconds to slice as much fruit as possible.


You have to slice the fruit in a particular order, indicated by the, er, pipeline. If you slash the wrong fruit, the pipeline fills up quicker. If it fills up completely, you’re dead.

One Shot

In One Shot mode, you have to slice groups of fruit using – right again – one shot.

And that’s your lot, kid. Playing through the different modes is interesting enough, but I can’t imagine why I’d ever come back to Fruit Slice. It’s ideal in short bursts, I guess.

Of course, being free, Fruit Slice is lovingly adorned with adverts. Personally I don’t tend to notice them once I get going, and that’s very much the case here. Adverts schmadverts.

Is Fruit Slice any good? It’s ok. I wasn’t exactly blown away. And heck, Fruit Ninja is now free anyway.


  • Four game modes
  • Free


  • Ads
  • It’s not Fruit Ninja

Summary: A Fruit Ninja variant with ads. The end.

Developer: DroidHen Casual

Requires: Android 1.6 or above.

Price: free @ Android Market

Fruit Slice Android review

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climaxer  Nov. 29, 2011 at 18:49

There are ads on the free version of fruit ninja for android as well.


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