Fujitsu comes across all fragrant

Fujitsu comes across all fragrantWe never cease to be amazed at the eagerness of tech companies to wade into the quicksand of gender-specific gadgets, like lemmings leaping compulsively off a cliff of misplaced political correctness.

Witness the Fujitsu F-022, a dainty flip phone heading for the Chinese market and boasting “a stunning design, a fragrance feature and ability to showcase a user's unique personality”. It's for the laydeez, in case you were wondering.

Actually, we shouldn't be too hard on the F-022, as it does actually manage to steer clear of the number one feature shared by all those gratingly patronising gadgets for girls: it's not pink.

No, it's more of a... sort of... actually, we'll hand over to Fujitsu itself: “the softly illuminated front casing of the F-022 mobile phone is adorned with a glitter-motif design including a diamond-like jewel block of two-karat cubic zirconia”.

Impressive stuff. But the best is yet to come: this phone actually smells like perfume, thanks to a “detachable fragrance chip” on the back. Of course, the use of the word “chip” hints at some kind of deep electronic wizardry going on, rather than what we suspect is a bit of fabric or sponge or something that you can spritz with your favourite scent.

The Fujitsu press release doesn't linger very long on the actual tech specs – no doubt reasoning that women aren't generally too bothered by all those confusing numbers and stuff.

It does tell us, though, that it has “a high-performance, 8.1-megapixel camera that not only is up to digital camera level standards but also takes outstanding photos of people by enhancing the beauty of skin tones with its 'beautiful skin' mode, together with enabling photos that highlight large, natural-looking eyes with a 'pupil tracking' mode.

It's water- and dust-proof too, though we're not quite sure how that fits in with the target market of “20 to 40 year-old women with a well-developed sense of fashion”.

We're assuming the Fujitsu F-022 won't be seeing the light of day outside of China, where it goes on sale on June 24. We're almost disappointed, to be honest, as we've seldom come across such a great example of modern technology that somehow manages to be both highly advanced, and woefully out of touch, all at the same time.

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angelkingm  Jun. 19, 2011 at 09:13

This is an unlocked device. So go to China buy it and bring it where ever you want. Works on all GSM networks but not CDMA.

Should be a perfect present for laydeez


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