Fujitsu planning major mobile assault on Europe and the US

Fujitsu planning major mobile assault on Europe and the USCompetition among the leading mobile players is tougher than ever these days, but it's about to get a lot tougher as not only have we heard about Panasonic's smartphone plans today, we've also got another name to think about: Fujitsu.

You may recall that Fujitsu was actually the first manufacturer to release a Windows Phone Mango device over in Japan – well, now it's bringing its best Windows Phone and Android mobile kit our way here in the UK.

The Japanese firm most of us think of traditionally as a photography brand is an established force in the smartphone market in its home country, and the scale of its move into Europe and the US shows it's not planning on simply making up the numbers.

It's the Financial Times (subscription only) we have to thank for spilling the beans on Fujitsu's plans, and while there's nothing specific in terms of individual devices to go on thus far, we're told to expect smartphones running both Android and Windows Phone, as well as Android tablets.

The full range should be equipped with NFC, biometric security and the potential for LTE connectivity – the company has apparently been contacting European operators claiming its devices are “global products”.

That's about it for now, but considering Fujitsu rocked up at CES last month packing a quad-core Tegra 3 smartphone prototype, we'd say there's every chance it'll be aiming high with its smartphone offerings.

We'll hopefully have more to report at Mobile World Congress in a week's time.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 21, 2012 at 14:30

Interestingly, Futjitsu redesigned their "global strategy" in early 2010 - shortly after US courts listed them as one of the corporations that can be sued for their support of the South African Apartheid regime. Around that time other issues placed them firmly on most corporate watchlists (their support for dubious biometrics and ID card schemes etc etc...).

There, a tangent, and I'm not charging a penny :p


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