Fujitsu details quad-core Android handset headed for MWC

Fujitsu details quad-core Android handset headed for MWCThis year, it seems, is the year when the Japanese mobile market looks to take on the world. We've already had Panasonic and Fujitsu announcing their return/foray into the western mobile industry, and now we're getting a glimpse of what they have in store.

In Fujitsu's case, we don't have a name to go on just yet, but we do have a bunch of specs that - if true - point to a handset that may well demand to be taken very seriously indeed.

According to the Unwired View, Fujitsu's international debut handset will come packing an Nvidia 1.6GHz Tegra 3 processor (that's quad-core in case you needed reminding), a 4.6in (no further details there unfortunately), a whopping 13.1MP camera, a fingerprint sensor, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as "long battery life" and some kind of water and dust resistant finish.

To be honest, it's the last two we're most interested in. First of all, because that CPU is going to require a humdinger of a battery to see it through a day of heavy use and secondly, because dust in phones is one of our biggest bugbears. By the sounds of things we're looking at something like the IP57 rating we've just seen detailed on the Panasonic Eluga.

On a sidenote, don't expect a finished product to be shown off at Mobile World Congress next week. We're told that Fujitsu will only be bringing samples, which means it could just be a reference design for now. And could mean that a final version is still an awful long way off.

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