Galaxia Interface iPhone review

Galaxia Interface iPhone reviewGalaxia Interface is one of a host free games I downloaded months ago and never played. For some reason, the Gods of Fate guided me towards Galaxia Interface today, with vaguely amusing consequences.

I’ll get to the game in a moment, but first let me tell you what happened when I tried to find Galaxia Interface in the App Store.

It’s not Galaxia, GalaXia, Galaxia War or Project Galaxia. Those are all completely different games; that much I deduced from within iTunes. So I looked instead to the cyberweb for answers.

Galaxia Interface iPhone reviewGoogling “Galaxia Defender” brings up an iTunes link as the third result. Clicking on said link opens iTunes and displays the fantastic message: “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the UK Store, but it is available in the Botswana Store. Click Change Store to view this item.”

Botswana? What the…?

Playing around with the google URL and conducting further searches suggested that Galaxia Interface was also available in the US and Germany, however it seems to have vanished across the globe. Bizarre.

Anyway, let me tell you about Galaxia Interface. Essentially you control a little spaceship and the aim is to make it to the end of the level without getting destroyed. It really wants to be Starfox for the iPhone. Indeed, it looks a bit like a variant of Starfox running on an Atari ST, but is it actually any good?

Well, Galaxia Interface has its heart in the right place, and definitely gets an A for effort. Eric Tereshinksi spent 15 months developing the game, and it kinda shows.

Eric has gone a bit mental – mostly in a good way – with the controls. You can choose to play with the accelerometer or an on-screen joystick. If you opt for the latter, there’s the option to have the stick displayed constantly, or only when steering your ship. There’s also a left-handed mode. Oh, and you can adjust the sensitivity. And – I knew I’d forgotten something – you can tap a little square to re-centre the iPhone if you move and find yourself holding your phone at a different angle. Phew.

So the controls are pretty good, but the collision detection, which is a fairly integral part of the game, is a little ropey. For example, there’s a section where you fly through a series of windmills – fairly typical for a game like this – but it’s more a question of luck than skill. There’s a brake and boost button, but it’s really a case of going balls out and hoping for the best.

Speaking of the boost, it looks pretty cool. The camera pulls back for a sweet hyperspeed effect, but when it zooms back in you realise you haven’t actually covered much ground. Still, it’s pretty impressive.

There are 10 levels in total and four boss fights to complete. The bosses are classic Starfox, in that there are coloured weak spots to focus on. Cool stuff.


  • Fully customisable controls
  • Boss fights
  • Cool boost thingy


  • Ropey collision detection
  • Only 10 levels
  • Er, not actually available any more? (I’ve emailed Eric for clarification)

Summary: Galaxia Interface isn’t great, but as Eric says: “This game costs the same thing as a cheap fast food cheese burger, but think about it. Can you fly across the landscapes of a distant sci-fi planet and battle an ancient race of ghost robot aliens while eating a cheese burger?”

Developer: Eric Tereshinski

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Recommended for the 4th Gen iPhone and iPod Touch, as earlier models may experience lag.

Galaxia Interface iPhone review

Galaxia Interface iPhone review

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