Galaxy Nexus set to return to Google Play next week

Galaxy Nexus set to return to Google Play next weekLast week, Apple scored a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, effectively rendering sale of the phone in the US illegal. Bad times.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is currently listed as “coming soon” on Google Play, and Mountain View is confident it’ll be back next week.

Google tells ABC News that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will return to Google Play’s virtual shelves soon, with Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) addressing the offending patent nonsense.

Apple had a handful of gripes with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, including the slide to unlock function (sigh), but its main beef was with the Nexus’ ability to search phone and web simultaneously. Er, correct me if I’m wrong here, but the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is far from the only phone with said ability.

As I was saying yesterday, this whole debacle is nothing more than a minor inconvenience for Samsung and Google, and ultimately appears to be giving the Galaxy Nexus a ton of (not-so-free) publicity. It’s going for a very reasonable $349. I kinda want one.

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