Galaxy Note Edge: Samsung only planning to sell 1m this year

Galaxy Note Edge: Samsung only planning to sell 1m this yearThe Samsung Galaxy Note Edge isn't everyone's cup of tea, but UK smartphone buyers were quickly spared the decision over whether to buy one with Samsung saying we won't be seeing it here anytime soon.

And that's if we see it at all. An unnamed Samsung official says the Galaxy Note Edge is being treated by the company as a limited edition concept, and it only intends to shift around a million units by year end.

The oddly shaped Galaxy Note Edge offers a bonus section of screen down the right edge of the device – an interesting and so-far unique take on the traditional candybar form factor.

It shares many of the standard Galaxy Note 4's internals, but the extra novelty of the edge display takes an already high price and lifts it still higher.

Some pre-order listings on the continent have the Galaxy Note Edge's price as high as €1000, and even if it doesn't end up that high, it'll still be above the Galaxy Note 4's expected £550-£600 price range.

And with a price tag that high, Samsung is doing the only sensible thing in labelling the Edge as a niche product – it could offer it on every street corner and still wouldn't shift too many at that price. Not only that, the quirky form factor would likely result in production problems if Samsung wanted to produce it on a mass scale.

Via GSMArena

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babylon  Sep. 26, 2014 at 17:57

It's a bit like them concept cars at motor shows, Show off this fantastic looking, Original car that looks great, Then you get a Mondeo. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, But it's the most original thing Samsung have done in years.
Haven't wanted a Samsung phone since the S2.


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