Galaxy success means stellar profits for Samsung

Galaxy success means stellar profits for Samsung

Samsung is no stranger to allegations of copying, particularly when it comes to one specific Cupertino-based tech giant, but there's one area where it'll be quite happy to stand accused of copying Apple's example: making money.

The Korean firm has just announced its figures for Q3 of 2012, and for the fourth straight quarter profits are at an all-time high.

Samsung is more than just Samsung Mobile, of course – the company makes just about every type of consumer electronics device under the sun, and plenty of the components that go inside them too.

Yet there's no question that mobile is now Samsung's big earner, and that's all down to the Galaxy range of Android smartphones and tablets.

Overall, Sammy says its third-quarter profits have come in at a formidable 7.9 – 8.3 trillion won (£4.4 – £4.6bn), up from £3.7bn in Q2. That's on overall sales adding up to £28.9bn. Not bad for just three months.

Samsung hasn't divulged the specifics just yet, so we can't be sure exactly how much of that increase is thanks to its mobile division, but considering Q2's figures for mobile were up a massive 124% year on year, it's fairly safe to say quite a lot.

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