Gameloft to use Unreal Engine 3

Gameloft to use Unreal Engine 3Gameloft, the French developer behind mobile gaming greatness such as N.O.V.A. and Modern Combat, will use Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 in four new games over the next two years.

The Unreal Engine debuted in 1998 and has since been used in scores of titles, including Mass Effect, Bioshock, Gears of War, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Borderlands. The engine arrived for iOS in December.

Julien Fournials, vice president of production at Gameloft, beamed: “Gameloft is very pleased to partner with Epic, especially with their ability to stay ahead of the curve and continually place the best game engine technology in developers’ hands at any given point in time.”

But what does the engine actually do, Jules? “Using Unreal Engine 3 allows us to push game visuals with remarkable lighting and high-fidelity environments. We are confident that players will enjoy the games powered by Unreal Engine 3.”

Epic Games’ vice president, Mark Rein, added: “We are thrilled to provide our technology to Gameloft and look forward to a lasting collaboration.”

Gameloft: good. Unreal Engine: good. We’re looking forward to these new games. We’ll see two in 2011, and a further two in 2012.

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