Gang of Dodge iPhone review

Gang of Dodge iPhone reviewAs a reviewer, I’m blessed and cursed (mostly cursed) with the opportunity to play games that proper-job-having folk don’t have time to squander on. Gang of Dodge is no longer available from the App Store but I’ve squandered my time on it, and I’m sure as hell going to tell you about it.

I believe the “Gang” in the title refers to the array of seemingly-unrelated modes, while the aim of the game is to “Dodge” stuff, hence: Gang of Dodge. That much makes sense.

The title screen gives us an idea of what’s in store. Among others, we have a zombie, a ninja, an assortment of cartoon fruit with eyes, a starfish, some fireballs, a penguin in a snorkel mask, a dragon and a pumpkin. This is going to be great. Or, more realistically, rubbish.

Ok, so, Quick Play; let’s get an idea of what Gang of Dodge is all about. We’ve got a big fat woman wandering around a grassy field with all sorts of projectiles flying towards her. A spot of trial and error suggests that some objects should be avoided (by tilting the accelerometer), while collecting others (food, perhaps, though it’s hard to tell) earns you points and makes the woman both fatter and slower. Brilliant.

Next up: Fun Mode. This should be fun. A screen comes up before the action confirming that – yes – certain items should be avoided, while others are beneficial. We could’ve used this before Quick Play, but whatever. A few shots in Fun Mode reveals that it’s seemingly identical to Quick Play; I genuinely cannot tell the difference.

Mode number three: Normal. I'm willing to bet this is anything but normal. There are five levels here, and only one is unlocked by default. After playing around for a while, the other levels become available, though it’s really not clear why; there aren’t any set objectives and I am absolutely rubbish at Gang of Dodge.

Needless to say, the story in Normal Mode makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Here’s the introduction to level 3: “Zombies were defeated by plants at the world war. And they got a sudden strike by vegetables when they were running away.” O…k?

Finally, there’s Classical Mode, which ditches the cartoon graphics and gives way to a retro-looking shooter. I did not see that coming.

Regardless of mode, Gang of Dodge is relentlessly hard. Chances are you’ll last about 15-20 seconds, unless you’re a die-hard bullet-hell fan in which case you might last a full minute.

Is Gang of Dodge any good? It’s absolutely impossible to say. It should, by all rights, be rubbish, and I did find it borderline offensive at first, but it chipped away at me with its sheer audacity. Also, the presentation and soundtrack are pretty good.


  • Four game modes
  • Nice cartoon-style graphics
  • Quirky soundtrack


  • Incredibly difficult
  • Story mode makes no sense at all

Summary: Gang of Dodge is either a work of insane genius or a terrible travesty. Who can say?

Gang of Dodge iPhone review

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