Say g'day to Androidland

Say g'day to AndroidlandOur very own international adventurer Mr Lewis Curdie recently spent a good few weeks in Melbourne, but if he'd hung around for another couple of weeks he could have had the singular honour of being one of the first visitors to Androidland.

That's the Android take on the eponymous Apple Store – a place where you can be cocooned in your Androidness, without a trace of the iOS arch-enemy to be found.

It's an odd place for the first ever Android store to pop up, but that's because unlike Apple Stores, which are all about Apple (obviously), the first Androidland outlet is actually the handiwork of Australian network Telstra and leading Android handset makers such as Samsung and LG.

It remains to be seen whether Androidland will remain a purely Australian phenomenon or will expand to other parts of the globe. Looking at the pics we're not sure we want it to, to be honest – it reminds us more than a little of an Androidified take on the Windows XP background that's been brought indoors.

And in case there's any doubt, we don't mean that in a good way.

Via Wired

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