Gingerbread closing in on majority Android share, just in time to be replaced

Gingerbread closing in on majority Android share, just in time to be replaced

We all know Android is dominating the world of smartphones practically the world over now, but today we got our latest glimpse of the breakdown of just which versions of the Google OS are most popular in active duty.

And in essence it showcases everything that's good and bad about Android: one the one hand, it shows how well Android phones are selling, in that 38.7% of all Android smartphones are now running Gingerbread.

On the other hand, it shows just how long this fragmentation issue is lingering. Forget Ice Cream Sandwich – right now 61.3% of Android phones are on Froyo or older.

The problem with Android, and the issue at the heart of all those complaints of fragmentation, is that as soon as the balance starts to tip in favour of the latest version, it gets replaced.

So while ReadWriteMobile's figures – which were collected over a fortnight ending last week – show Gingerbread very much on the rise, it's still less common than Froyo overall.

And with ICS just around the corner, soon we'll be looking at both Gingerbread and Froyo as older-generation versions of Android still dominating the mobile airwaves. And so the cycle continues.

Interestingly, for all those Android tablets supposedly coming out to kick some iPad behind, Honeycomb's three versions combined contribute less than 2% of Android's overall user base.

That's a very small piece of pie to go around an awful lot of mouths.

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Smiff  Oct. 5, 2011 at 19:45

what's wrong with Froyo? it's a very solid release with great app support.


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