Gingerbread finally arrives for the Moto Milestone 2

Gingerbread finally arrives for the Moto Milestone 2Good news for owners of the increasingly ironically named Motorola Milestone 2: your handset is about to see some update action over the air to the brave new world of Android Gingerbread.

And before you ask, no that's not a mistake. It really is Android Gingerbread we're talking about – you know, the mobile OS that was outed a full year ago now. Good to see you're still with us, Moto...

The Milestone 2 – Europe's version of the Motorola Droid – touched down more than a year ago now, and at the time had the then-current Android 2.2 Froyo on board.

But with Gingerbread arriving on the scene not long after (Android Community confirms that it's now 347 days since the Gingerbread source code was made available), it was taken as a given that Moto would get round to bringing the updated OS to the Milestone 2 via update sooner or later.

Well, a hell of a lot of things have happened during 2011, but so far that's not one of them.

But today brings some good news – that is if there's anyone out there still actually waiting for the long-delayed update: it's coming, and it's coming tomorrow.

Motorola has revealed as much on its Facebook page, with the update heading out over the air in a staggered release from tomorrow, though we can't imagine we're looking at millions of handsets here.

Those that haven't managed to update their phones through alternative means (Android users typically being quite resourceful types) may well simply have given up by now and moved on.

If not, however, then happy days. Now when is Ice Cream Sandwich coming along...?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 29, 2011 at 20:27

Huh? It's getting Gingerbread? Now? Wow! Acer's cheap-a*s liquids got GB months ago... That from the company whose mobile division Google want?


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