First glances of the iPhone 6s and new iPod range leak online

First glances of the iPhone 6s and new iPod range leak online

It appears that, yet again, the surprises from Apple are being spoilt ahead of time due to those pesky leaks, with two big reveals potentially spoiled over the last 24 hours. First up is the not-so-surprising existence of the iPhone 6s. It is expected to be officially unveiled this September, but leaked images on 9to5Mac show that the upcoming version of the smartphone will look similar to its predecessor in terms of size and thickness. We suspect the real surprises will be under the hood, but we'll probably have to wait until nearer the time for more details on that front.

However, what we weren’t expecting to see was a new line of iPod devices are on their way. The eagle-eyed folks over on Apple Insider noticed that the latest update for iTunes includes new images of the iPod range, showing three examples – a dark blue iPod Touch, a gold iPod Nano, and a lighter-pink iPod Nano. The new image also suggests that these new versions of the iPod Touch will be releasing on July 14th. Considering how Apple haven’t been making much noise on the MP3-playing-device that once dominated the market – especially after they officially killed off the iPod Classic last year – the move is unexpected to say the least, but with the release date allegedly just a few weeks away we expect to learn more in the very near future.

[Via 9to5Mac / Apple Insider]

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