Glasto set for a cacophony of mobile data

Glasto set for a cacophony of mobile dataHow times have changed. This year's Glastonbury festival is set to smash all records for the amount of mobile data consumed, with festival-goers now apparently counting their smartphones as Glasto essentials, alongside their tents, wellies and... other stuff.

O2 tells us that more than a Terabyte of data will be sucked down by the Worthy Farm faithful this weekend, and six temporary mobile phone towers have had to be set up around the venue to help cope with the demand.

Glastonbury is the big daddy of the UK's music festivals, so we suppose it's fitting that it racks up some seriously big numbers in other areas too.

O2 reckons each festival-goer will on average view 18 web pages on their smartphones over the weekend, adding up to an expected 3.6 million in total. That's the same number as the amount of text messages expected to ping back and forth, while 3.4 million minutes of airtime will be used up over the duration.

Apparently there'll be some music too.

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