Gmail for Android updated, three new features

Gmail for Android updated, three new featuresMaintaining and improving smartphone apps is a full-time job, as the ladies and gentlemen at Gmail will happily tell you.

A version number eludes me, not that it matters, but in any case you can expect to find a handful of new features when you update your Gmail app for Android.

The Android Gmail release notes over on Google Play aren’t hugely helpful, but thankfully there’s a wordier explanation of the new features over on Gmail’s Google Plus page.

The headline feature in the new Android Gmail app is a cleaner design for conversation view (as demonstrated in the leftmost screenshot above).

A further design tweak introduces checkmarks so you can see exactly what emails you’re about to move, archive or delete (yep, middle screenshot).

Finally, as an “added bonus”, you’ll now be notified direct from the inbox if your account loses sync. Google promises you “won’t accidentally miss an important message again”.

And that’s the new Gmail app for Android, available for free (obviously) from Google Play.

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